CY High Response 8,000 RPM Clutch

CY Clutch 8K

Chung Yang

  • $36.00

Improve the acceleration of your Baja 5B with the High Response Clutch Shoe and Spring Set! With a strong clutch spring, this clutch shoe set will engage later (higher in the throttle range) for more torque and acceleration. Perfect for racers, this set is great for 'bashers' as well, because of the improved response. The clutch spring is set to engage at about 8,000 RPM and should be fully engaged around 10,500 RPM

Same as HPI-15448 & LOSB5039

Includes 2 x Clutch Shoes, Red 8,000 RPM Spring, 2 x Spring Washers and 2 x Hex Shoulder Bolts

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