2022 *New* Dirt Modified Body


  • $79.00

Introducing the Newest Whirlwind  2022 RC Dirt Modified Body.

Scaled off the the Real Thing - Big Block Modified SRGFX

Made from the Highest Grade 2mm HDPE Material and utilizing 20x25 mm, 25x50mm Aluminium Angle and 32mm, 50mm Flat Bar this is one of the strongest RC Speedway bodies on the market today.

This design features a very unique one piece front nose cone, which perfectly aligns to the centre of the body, great for the DIY guys that want to build their own at home. 

Body is Mounted with the standard 5T or 5SC Front and Rear Body Mounts.

Available as 3 Options and 2 Colour Choices

PRO Built - Ready to Mount up with Body Mounts

DIY - Purchase as a complete kit, everything included, just build it yourself, requires some drilling and cutting.    

Panels Only - Includes just the HDPE Panels (5 in total)

Available in Black or Natural (White), From time to time we may offer a mix up of those two colours but only in the PRO Built variant.

Features include:

  • Raked low roof line for a lower drag co-efficient
  • Body Length 905mm, Width 350mm, Height 280mm
  • Over Sized one piece nose , which offers more downforce
  • 45 degree angle front of centre deck
  • Rear tapered deck that acts like a spoiler, but is held within the confines of the body
  • Kick up on rear of roof for added down-force, front of roof bent down for added strength.
  • No need for a costly mounting kit as this comes with everything included**


** Only when purchased as a DIY Kit or PRO Built Kit.



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