FG 6000CZ Marder w/26cc Zenoah

FG 6000CZ Marder w/26cc Zenoah



  • $999.00

This Model is built on a 4 mm u-bend chassis. All borings of the lower side are countersunk, therefore the screw heads wont wear out.
Double wishbones at font and rear axle as well as 4 bulk oil-pressure shock absorbers guarantee perfect ground clearance. All rotating parts are supported by ball-bearings. Rear gear wheels, differential gears and all driving elements are case-hardened. The side guards protect the model from dirt.
This model is equipped with a powerful 26 cc engine which runs with normal 2-stroke petrol-oil mixture (available at every petrol station). The 700ml tank  enables you to drive about 45 minutes.
This model requires servos, battery and a 2.4ghz radio to make it RTR

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