Lucas Racing Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil 1 QUART

Lucas Racing Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil 1 QUART


Lucas Oil

  • $40.00



  • Top-quality high ester content 2-cycle oil
  • Designed to leave an oily film on all wetted parts so that you’re never without lubrication
  • Good for all high performance engines
  • High-flash, low-smoke product
  • Low-ash formula to provide more protection than ashless formulas against ring-sticking, piston scuffing and wear
  • Expect longer ring life and lower fuel consumption
  • Superior rust protection and lubrication
  • Great for all high RPM and high compression applications
  • Use in pre-mix or oil injection systems

1 QUART = 946ml

(We recommend a 35:1 Ratio for R/C Vehicles)

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