**NEW** & Improved Dirtbuster Rear Tyres


Rovan Sport

  • $28.00

NEW and Improved Rear Dirtbuster tyres.

These new tyres really are a step above the rest.

  • Much thicker carcass than previous version 66126
  • New thicker and squarer sidewall, this minimises tyre roll when cornering
  • Pin cross section is now square and larger than on previous generation of tyre
  • Now includes 5 internal ribs to stop tyre "ballooning"
  • Still retains the optimal Pin height, other tyres on the market have extended their pin height which can make the pins fold when cornering, whereas Rovan have retained their pin height which aids in offering more grip and bite.
  • There are now 9 Pins in a row compared with 7 Pins in the previous generation of Dirtbuster.